iQ Biosciences offers Safety Assessment for research purposes only. Currently, we provide the following types:

Hemolysis Assay

We measure in vitro hemolysis by evaluating hemoglobin release as a marker of red blood cell lysis following test agent exposure. Exposure to drugs (biologics or excipients) can cause hemolysis even in normal adults potentially resulting in neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, hemolytic anemia, aplastic anemia, and macrocytic anemia. Therefore, according to FDA recommendations, testing for hemolytic potential should be performed.

Cytokine Release Assay

Several types of infusion-related reactions, including cytokine release syndrome, can be elicited by your monoclonal antibody.  We measure the release of a panel of cytokines by stimulated PBMCs (isolated or in whole blood) in the presence of your monoclonal antibody or other therapeutic to help reduce clinical risk by potentially predicting a potential cytokine storm in first in-human infusion reaction.