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Revisiting Complement, An Old Friend… (Part 3)

After summarizing how the complement system can have both anti-tumor and pro-tumor effects, we conclude our blog series on Reis et al. by discussing the clinical aspects of complement as a target and biomarker.  As discussed in the previous blogs, the imbalance in activation of complement leads to [...]

Revisiting Complement, An Old Friend… (Part 2)

Complement in promotion of tumorigenesis. The imbalance and dysfunction of complement activity and activation can lead to various mechanisms that promote tumorigenesis. These mechanisms can have affects on the immune cells to provide a more favorable tumor growth environment, including: 1) recruitment of MDSCs, 2) suppression of effector T [...]

Revisiting Complement, An Old Friend… (Part 1)

The complement system of the innate immune system has been widely regarded as an early deterrent to infections and a means to clear pathogens by activating a group of proteins that leads to cell lysis, phagocytosis, and inflammation.  In addition, the power of complement has been implicated as a mechanism [...]

T’ing it Up for Bi-Specific Antibodies…(Part 2)

In our previous blog, we discussed the two-predominant types of T cells, and some in vitro assays these cells are employed in to test the function and specificity of bi-specific antibodies.  In this blog, we discuss the in vivo assays that test the efficacy of these antibodies and tie [...]

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T’ing it Up for Bi-Specific Antibodies…(Part 1)

With the current trend of developing immunotherapies for cancer, many of these therapies center on exploiting the potent effector functions of lymphocytes, specifically T cells.  In our previous blogs, we introduced a new class of therapeutic molecules called bi-specific antibodies and discussed their mechanism of action for anti-cancer therapy.  In [...]

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Antibodies with a Split Personality…(Part 3)

In the final part of our series on bi-specific antibodies, we’ll discuss some of the assays that are used to test the specificity, functionality, and safety of bi-specific antibodies. How are bi-specific antibodies tested for antigen specificity? As described in our previous blogs, bi-specific antibodies have the capability to recognize [...]

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