iQ Biosciences offers cellular products for research purposes only and obtains these directly from well-respected institutions in the United States.  All human samples have been obtained by their respective donor site’s IRB approval, donor consent, and de-identification regulations.  All non-human samples have been obtained through our collaborating accredited vendors.  iQ Biosciences provides these samples cryopreserved which have similar functional potential as freshly isolated samples.  Freshly isolated samples can be arranged depending on your specifications.  Please contact us if you are interested in cellular products below, for custom procurement projects, or for use in our bioservices.

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs)

iQ Biosciences currently offers PBMCs from the following species for research purposes: Human (Normal or Diseased), Non-human Primate (Rhesus and Cynomolgus), Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Canine, and Woodchuck species.


Splenocytes are a simple and easy way to obtain a good number of immune cells to perform population analysis and/or functional assays. The spleen acts as a blood filter and the isolated splenocytes consist primarily of B cells and T cells, followed by antigen presenting cells and some innate lymphocytes such as NK cells or NKT cells.

At iQ Biosciences, we currently offer Splenocytes from the following species for research purposes: Rabbit, Rat, Mouse, and Non-human primate species.

Bone Marrow Cells

iQ Biosciences currently offers Bone Marrow Cells from the following species for research purposes: Rabbit, Rat, Mouse and Non-human Primate species.

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