The bone marrow is a good source to obtain hematopoietic stem cells to perform population analysis and differentiate into lymphocyte and myeloid lineages. The bone marrow also contains precursor and mature B cells to also perform population analysis as well as functional assays.

At iQ Biosciences, we strive to provide the highest quality cryopreserved bone marrow cells by isolating and preserving them through a rigorous and quality controlled protocol. The bones are carefully removed from the animal and the marrow is flushed out with a needle and syringe under sterile conditions. The cellular suspension is then carefully passed through a filter to remove any debris, and subsequently depleted of red blood cells in a manner that is not damaging to the other cells. The bone marrow cells are then frozen based on own quality controlled cryopreservation protocol to promote recovery and viability once in the end user’s hands (see our blog on uses of cryopreserved samples). Together, we believe our stringent process for isolating and cryopreserving bone marrow cells will help researchers achieve their experimental goals.

See below for our current inventory of bone marrow cells from various species and strains:

Mouse~8 weeksJackson LabC57BL/6
Rat~12-14 weeksCharles RiverWistar
Sprague Dawley
Rabbit~6-10 monthsWestern Oregon
Research Co
New Zealand White Albino

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