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T’ing it Up for Bi-Specific Antibodies…(Part 2)

In our previous blog, we discussed the two-predominant types of T cells, and some in vitro assays these cells are employed in to test the function and specificity of bi-specific antibodies.  In this blog, we discuss the in vivo assays that test the efficacy of these antibodies and tie it all together by reviewing some data generated with these assays. What are some T cell-based in vivo assays used to examine bi-specific antibody efficacy? Most preclinical in vivo experiments that examine the efficacy of bi-specific antibodies are performed using immuno-deficient mice, such as the NOD scid gamma (NSG) mice.  These mice [...]

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T’ing it Up for Bi-Specific Antibodies…(Part 1)

With the current trend of developing immunotherapies for cancer, many of these therapies center on exploiting the potent effector functions of lymphocytes, specifically T cells.  In our previous blogs, we introduced a new class of therapeutic molecules called bi-specific antibodies and discussed their mechanism of action for anti-cancer therapy.  In this blog, we will discuss in vitro assays that use T cells to develop bi-specific antibody programs. What are CD4 and CD8 T cells? In most organismal immune systems, there are two main types of T cells.  One type is the CD4 T cell, which is a hematopoietic cell that [...]

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